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Moving out of your house is an equally exciting and tedious venture and there’s always that natural element of sadness when the sold tag gets slapped onto the for sale sign.

Yet, another surprising emotion you might feel if you’ve done it properly, is jealousy. Especially when you’ve put all the hard work into the presentation and you think to yourself, ‚it never looked this good when I was living there. It’s so unfair.’

Well, you can blame home-staging for invoking that envy. Home-staging is the process by which your house is prepped for selling and turned into its most attractive self, which give you a healthy return on your sell.

Mariola Mialkowska, from MM Interior Design, explains that „the right home-staging will get your house sold much faster.” Which is exactly what you dream of, when you start the selling process.

On top of a rapid exchange, your house can be sold at an increased price tag. Mariola says „professionally prepared and presented property can be sold with the price higher by 10-15 per cent than similar competing properties.” So, all you need is a little elbow grease?

Sadly, staging a home entails a bit more than a sweep of the duster here and a hoover there. And as silly as it sounds, spending money to revamp the property when you’re not actually going to be around to reap the benefits, will actually allow you to rethink the market price of your house.

First impressions rule all in real estate. The hopeful buyers will be hawking at your home as they perform the innocuous drive-by, so for once, what’s on the outside really does count. „The key to success lies in that the presentation of the property to potential buyers that would be enthralled and interested in the property at the very beginning,” Mariola says.

Have your sidewalks power-washed and make sure your house number is visible. Mow your lawn religiously or freshen up the gravel with a few bags. Make sure the front windows are gleaming and push for matching garden furniture. And if possible, keep the porchlight on so late-night cruisers can see the staging.

Common sense would point towards de-cluttering the home. Don’t cut corners and squeeze all of your treasured brick a brac into cupboards and wardrobes. Wardrobe space is a deal-breaker for many people, so invest in off-site storage so you can show off your wardrobes as spacial vessels for the next owner’s clutter.

Keep the necessary appliances on the counters and bury the George Foreman into storage. People want to see empty surfaces of possibility, so they can visualise where to put their Nutri-bullet and not your grubby blender. It’s more space in the eyes of the buyer, which makes for more money.

So, we’ve just told you to purge your house of knick-knacks, but before you chuck away the Star-trek knife block, hold up a moment. Potential buyers admire a clean house, but they don’t want to live in a clinical bubble either. Keep your setting personal enough, where the viewers see the nice touches of a lived-in house, without the pair of boxers drying on the rad.

Taking advantage of the senses can lure buyers in more efficiently. Some say the smell of fresh coffee is quite alluring, while others would bank on freshly baked bread to bring the punters in. Keep the scents simple and uncomplex. Naturals scents like orange, basil and vanilla pods can invoke positive memories and up your chances of a repsonse.

The one sense that must be taken into account more so than the rest, is the visual. Tones and shades must be considered. Mariola advises: „Use neutral colours in the range of cream, ivory and beige throughout the house. I’ve used coffee in contrast with a lightened cream tone, which gave the right accent to the room.” Choosing vivid colours shrinks a room, and people can be averted by the bright tones.

The awkward spaces – everybody has them and nobody knows what to do with them. The under the stairs alcove, the tiny outdoor balcony, the half box room that just about fits a single bed; these spaces are the auctioneer’s pet peeves. We say, see them as an opportunity and show them off.

Add intellectual depth and build simple ceiling-to-floor shelving in the box room, for a mini-library. Place a cute table and chairs out on a pokey balcony with a nice tablecloth and planting, and buyers will see a perfect spot for Sunday brunch. Pull out the under the stairs door and create a study centre with a snug chair and dynamic lighting. The ceiling’s the limit!

For more information on home-staging, call Mariola on 085-8172335 or visit


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