21821_236878189782260_1913747253_nMMineriordesign is a design studio in which Mariola Miałkowska along with a team of qualified architects and interior designers implementing its vision of housing made-to-measure. The interiors are a reflection of timeless style and philosophy by Mariola Miałkowska. Their aesthetics corresponds with the convenience and functionality.

Unique approach to customer MMineriordesign characterized by the complexity of the services and attention to the smallest detail. MMineriordesign team under the watchful eye of Mariola Miałkowska implements projects on behalf of individual and corporate throughout the country and abroad.

On special request also makes the selection of furniture lighting and any additives associated with the interior, all to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

We have 15 Years experience!

Originality, full commitment and constant supervision of the work – it has to bring good results! Among our clients are Europeans, Poland, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Belgium, Sweden and also we have clients from UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi. In the era of cyber-developed and efficient communication geographical boundaries are no longer obstacles and reach of our company depends only on the expectations of our customers. For them, we are willing to cross the mountains and the sea, arrange exotic spaces, catch up with dreams!

What we do

Interior Design Consultation
Individual Room Design
Colour advice
Painting and Decorating
Custom furniture design
Carpentry work
Internal doors and handles
Flooring: wooden, carpeting, stone and tile options
Bathroom tiles and accessories
Kitchen Design
Furnishing Dining, Living, Bedroom, Nursery, Home office
Textile and Accessory Selection
Home Staging – Styling and Advice to prep your home for a private sale or rent
Project Coordination and Management



You don’t have to be building a new home or renovating to avail of M&M interior design Mariola services.

You can get a 1.5 hour consultation or a full day consultation in your own home.
During the consultation Mariola gives general advice throughout the house or
concentrates on a specific area.
All information is given to the client on the day.

Some topics clients like to get advice on:

Paint Colour for each room
Furniture layout
Storage solutions bespoke or ikea options
Bathroom layout
Flooring, carpet , tiles, timber etc
Kitchen layout
Should I extend or work with what I have?
Lamps what size and style
How to treat windows
Finishing touches
Where to hang pictures and what size they should be
Where to source items being suggested
Tradesmen from “my little black book”
Budgets – how far will my budget go?
How to attack the project what order should work be carried out in

For furthur details on how to contact me please visit the Contact Page